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CAD/CAM to CNC post processor.
Measuring machine manufacturer with
GibbsCam and Pro/E (on Linux),      
3 to 5 ax. Mills,
2 axis Lathes,
3 ax. MillTurn...

Owen Fredericks,
Micro-Vu Corp.
Windsor, CA. USA

  When we got PostHaste a few years ago with GibbsCam, we started using it with our 3 axis mills & standard lathes. We liked it so much that we ordered the 5 axis & MillTurn version for our Pro/E system a few months ago to run our Okuma Captain (X/Z/C axis) MillTurn and our new Deckel-Maho (DMG) DMC80-U 5 axis mill (with nutating head and Siemens 840 control).

PostHaste is very easy to use; we were able to add our own custom machining features pretty quickly - by ourselves and proved them out within a short time - without going outside the company or spending a lot of money.

...Your tech support has been able to answer all my questions. It is nice to talk to someone for support who has such a good understanding of machines and post processors.

We have Pro/E running on Linux, and PostHaste runs perfectly under WinE ("WINdows Emulation" system). Your free, full-function evaluation version was key, as it let us confirm running OK on Linux before purchasing.

...We have found that PostHaste is a great foundation for anyone from a small shop with one CNC to a large shop with multiple axis configurations and more..
...Hear from some of those who already GET their NC code edit-free and right NOW - with PostHASTE:
Over 30,000 satisfied users worldwide - and growing...
Automotive Tool & Die shop with
VX Cad/Cam and SurfCAM      

Nick Reese - B&H Tool Works
Richmond, KY. USA  -

  We machine progressive dies (mostly automotive) and do stamping, laser work, gages, fixtures and custom tooling of all kinds. We use PostHaste with VX CAD/CAM and use SurfCam's version of PostHaste also.

  We post lots of programs - up to 30 a day, and we have many unusual coding needs, including chip conveyor and special coolant functions; all requirements have been quickly solved with PostHaste. 

  Getting PostHaste going with VX was easy, I just used my existing SurfCam post template with it... and it posted code very close to what we wanted right off the bat. The PostHaste support department addressed the few remaining issues in a short time.

  We have used the posts that were included with SurfCam and Unigraphics (we used UG before we had SurfCam). With those systems, any changes we needed we made ourselves - easy with Surfcam's version of PostHaste, but a pain with Unigraphics' own (proprietary) post.

  One concern we had before purchasing PostHaste, as I suppose a lot of people do, is considering the cost of paying for an 'alternative' post, even when one is supplied with your CAM software... but with PostHaste, you'll never regret it.

  If only we had known about it before!
Medical Orthopedic Product manufacturer with
Pro/E running Mazak Integrex MillTurn (6 axis,
dual spindle), and 3 & 4 axis Mills.

Mark Achee’,
Round Rock,

  When looking for a postprocessor for our machines (including the Mazak Integrex MillTurn)…
  • We needed a sound post that didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand and use.
  • We didn’t have a fortune to spend, so it had to be affordable.
  • The supplier had to be reputable, not here today and gone tomorrow. (Ongoing support if needed is invaluable to us.)


  Another big concern was that I knew that I was going to be held accountable for selecting the right post. The PostHaste evaluation copy that we received was probably the biggest help. It was easy to install, and I had acceptable code within minutes of installation.
  The editing (configuration) of the PostHaste format templates (to get the NC code we wanted) was as easy as promised, and easier than expected.

  Other post systems I have used were hard to get support from. Their answers were always “you need to take classes with us in order for us to help serve you better”, but extra money and time, we don’t have a lot of. But, in contrast to other posts we've used, PostHaste and Ground Support delivered everything it promised. Our experience with them simply could not be any better. (We gave them an “A” on the report card they sent us to fill out.)
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