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The postprocessor for people who want their NC code NOW.
...the simplest AND lowest priced solution!
Getting a quote for PostHASTE is fast and easy.
Just call or eMail us...   (Use our contact page after reading below...)
...with the following information:

The above information is all that is needed for your quote covering the PostHASTE software licenses (only). If you plan on doing all the post formatting work yourself, this is all we will need. (If so, then please contact us with the above information and we will quickly provide your quote.)

  --- (Optional) Formatting Services: ---

If you are quite busy, you may prefer to have us customize your post templates for you.

IF you would also like a quote for our formatting services, then we will also need this information for each (different) machine:

...For Mills:

...For Lathes or MillTurns*:

For MillTurn* (more):

* "MillTurn" is what we call a lathe with 'live tooling' capability.

NOTE: If your machine has any unique requirements, please include code demonstrating those functions.

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