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What can PostHASTE do for me?

PostHASTE enables you to configure the output of your CAM System to EXACTLY match the NC program format  required by your shop and CNC Machines - in minutes, not days!

PostHASTE  has a unique open interface that allows your post processor to "grow with you"

PostHASTE is not just another post processor, it can add new capabilities to your existing CAM system:

-Subroutine support
-Multi-part setup
-Inch/metric conversion
-Overall or individual axis scaling and/or "mirroring"
-4th axis indexing and "wrapping"
-Access custom cycles not originally included in your CAM system.

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What CAM systems can I use with PostHASTE?

In addition to MasterCAM, GibbsCAM, and SurfCAM, any CAM system with an APT CL (or 'APT CL-like') toolpath output will work with PostHASTE.  Some examples are:

...and MANY others.

Call us for any other CAM system you may have because if we can get information on their tool motion output file, then PostHASTE WILL work for you!

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Is PostHASTE Expensive?

No!  In fact, the PostHASTE solution in almost every case will be your lowest cost option!  Even if your CAM system comes with a "free" post processor, customization of that post processor can cost you more (in dollars or training and/or down time) than purchasing PostHASTE (and customization if you wish) from Ground Support! 
  Get a quote - PostHASTE - for your post processing needs right now!

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How does PostHASTE do it?

PostHASTE  works on a "what you see is what you get" principle: simply edit a "sample" program. PostHASTE  analyzes it and will  then output your NC programs to match your sample exactly. See how PostHASTE does it!

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Does PostHASTE have a library of already written posts?

Yes! PostHASTE  includes a growing library of over 300 formats for 2 to 5 axis Mills, 2 to 5 axis Lathes & MillTurns (that is lathe with "live tooling"), Wire EDM,  and Laser/Flame/Water jet cutters and punch presses.
  Click here to see a 2-page PDF document with a complete 4 axis milling template and a partial listing of many of our formats.
   In addition, we do posts for "specialty" machines such as...
  - a 7 axis Mill with redundant linear and rotary axes,
  - combination Punch/Laser machines, and 
  - a Trevisan Mill with a programmable turning
   ("D'Andrea") head for complex bore roughing/finishing.

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What if I don't want to write or edit my own post?

Ground Support can supply you with a customized "guaranteed to work" post processor -- to your 100% satisfaction--for any or all of your machine tools.  Please see our Request Quote page and we will send a quote for your customized post processor.

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Do you have reference letters you can send me?

Absolutely!  Just e-mail or call us and we would be happy to forward them to you! (Also, see our Testimonials page on this website.)

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How would PostHASTE be delivered to me?

PostHASTE - although powerful - is actually a very compact system and fits easily on a floppy disk! (Remember those? :-)
  So we typically just e-mail our customers the program along with an electronic copy (.PDF or Microsoft Word file) of the manual. 
  You may request a floppy disk or CD and hardcopy (coil-bound) manual set be mailed to you for only an additional $75.00 (plus freight charges).

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Can I see a sample postprocessor format?

Click here to see...

(NOTE - A new window will open with a pdf document).

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