Posthaste - the Post Processor for ANY CAM system.
2 to 7 axis* Mills, Lathes & MillTurns,** Laser, Routers, Punch, Water Jet, Flame/Torch, 2-4 axis EDM...

  ... If you have it, PostHASTE does it!     
PostHASTE is the post-processor that tens of thousands of SurfCam, GibbsCam and Hurco CAM users have relied on every day for years to instantly post edit-free CNC and NC programs.
Also, each week more and more users of Pro/Engineer, MasterCam, CATIA, Cimatron, Unigraphics (NX), VisualMill, TekSoft (CamWorks), VX CAD/CAM, Pro/ToolMaker and even SDRC I-Deas are finding that PostHASTE handles ALL posting challenges - quickly and easily.
The postprocessor for people who want their NC code NOW.
Over 25,000 satisfied users worldwide - and growing.
...the world's

CAD/CAM to CNC post processor.
Ground Support - original office &
machine shop in Moorpark, CA. USA
     ONLY     can do all this:


* Actually, there is no limit: PostHASTE automatically supports 2 to 5 simultaneously moving axes; but more axes can be added thanks to PostHaste's advanced mathematical capability (which can be accessed from within any post format template).

** 'MillTurn' is what we call lathes that have 'live tooling' (milling capability).

It's "the land of the free"...
of the brave.

U.S. Veterans
and Military -
the world is  forever in your debt. Thank you for all you have selflessly done - for all of us.


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